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Member's VW's / Re: Jim Martin
« Last post by jim martin on March 12, 2019, 07:52:44 PM »
tested those freshly heli-coiled threads and remounted the exhaust system and proceeded with the next stage .
from the side you can see the turbo i've been running is a old school on center exhaust housing unit.
nothing wrong with it ,and does offer some options when mounting space becomes a issue ,but by design can limit exhaust flow
during higher rpm and possibly engine output which directly limits horsepower potential .
im always asked what kind of turbo this is and what size , so if your in the turbo know here's the scoop.
the turbo is a combination Air research and Garrett - T4 flange ,P exhaust wheel with a .96 a/r exhaust housing - cold side a/r .60 with a new 57 billet wheel .

time to mount the down pipe and wastegate ,need those on there for mock up

gota keep the downpipe exit in the same spot right? yah but if nothings changed who cares?
sometimes things gotta go

time to eliminate the potential on center restriction and unleash any free power i can .
new .96 tangential exhaust housing ,so now you can see why the mock up was so important
its all gotta work and yes it will fit in the car still ,moves fwd almost 3" and lower by 3/4".
Mike Merrel at Turbos Direct is the man and if you need help , please call him at 623 376 2562
so my old turbo which is the same turbo needed help and no one out here could help.
One call to Mike and it was done .this gave me a chance to discuss my turbo and what it all means .
he fixed the thrust and endplay that was over .011" and oil leakage issue ,installed the new billet inlet wheel and supplied the
exhaust housing .
numbers go like this , as per Mike with the turbo in its original form would run out of compressor side before exhaust ,
(made no sense to me but what do i know),
so after endplay and thrust were repaired, he replacing the inlet wheel with a new billet wheel , that alone will allow for a
 25h.p potential and swapping out the exhaust housing another 25 h.p
so before the turbo was maybe good for 400-425 ish now it'll push 475 plus ish and do it  very efficiently , which is the most important
.it will make the same out-put 3 psi lower than before and never hit a wall till the inlet cannot move any more air .
sounds good to me so lets weld up a new pipe next .off come some DEI titanium wrap and trim the top
of the old downtube off to make room for the new pipe conversion

Classifieds / WTB set of Weber IDAs
« Last post by J A Red on March 12, 2019, 07:37:00 PM »
Like the subject lines says, I’m looking for a set of Weber IDAs. Let me know what you got.

Classifieds / WTB Original Jack and Tire Wrench for Early Beetle
« Last post by maximumvw on March 12, 2019, 06:29:34 AM »
Looking for a jack and tire iron for my 1965 Bug. Looks like the previous owner was driving around without proper tools or a well inflated spare.  wtf
Classifieds / WTB Steering Shaft for 1965 Beetle
« Last post by maximumvw on March 12, 2019, 05:38:48 AM »
Looking for a steering shaft for my 1965 Volkswagen Bug. It should be the same in model years 1963 to 1971.

Looks mine was upgraded to a larger size when the Bug was restored several years ago and I want to return to the original steering wheel.
Bay- curios? / Re: How are the Bay projects coming along?
« Last post by kinggeorge13 on March 11, 2019, 09:02:13 PM »
That fibre board didn't start out two inches thick.....

It's amazing, right?  That's a lot of acid and water affecting that poor thing for many years.   Reminds me of that Christmas when my dog ate a whole pack of gummy bears without taking the time to chew them (before she got caught) and then went outside in the wet snow and threw them all up.   The next day we had all these 20x size gummy bears in a pile outside the back door.   They were freaking huge!   
Bay- curios? / Re: How are the Bay projects coming along?
« Last post by gsun on March 11, 2019, 08:37:55 PM »
That fibre board didn't start out two inches thick.....
Member's VW's / Re: Jim Martin
« Last post by kinggeorge13 on March 11, 2019, 07:40:27 PM »
Great photos and sure looks nice and clean.   I've never yet used heli-coils but I'm sure one day I will and hope I can do as awesome as yours look!  I worry my first ones will be possibly for some spark plug hole threads one day.   Thanks for sharing! 
Member's VW's / Re: Jim Martin
« Last post by jim martin on March 11, 2019, 06:54:40 PM »
New hotVW's arrived yesterday ,great GCVW write up and lots of great pictures,
way to go to Everyone that works so hard putting the show together every year!!!!

WOK's out having some fun

and who say Silas doesn't enjoy racing ,i know for a fact he does .
he may be the only air-cooled VW that beat the WOK .still upset about that :(

before i pulled the Boozer out i did do a quick leakage and compression test .
all cylinders less than 5% leakage and 130 psi 3 cranks , and that's with a cold motor .not bad .
im not a huge fan of the ring pack that’s in there but im not pulling heads for a re ring as it always leads
to more money being spent and sometimes i just dont want to know what my cylinder walls look like ,
not even going to look with the bore scope .

like i said the Boozers out and on the stand .why ?
not just for fun but for many upgrades and adjustments that can not be done in car.

- heli coiling all the exhaust threads in the heads ,
yep threads were done and having poor exhaust flange sealing was not helping me.

drill it -but hey make sure your square ,doesnt need to be rocket science

tap it - and yes use cutting fluid it will make the threads crisp and will not allow the aluminum to gall up

clean those cut threads with some brake kleen and blow dry , a dab of red loctite will help as well

heli-coil will wind in nice plus 1 turn more when last thread just disappears

snap the tang off and give it a wipe with a bit of rolled up paper towel and good to go .
you'll see why this needed doing soon .
done and finnished.

the MAIN reason the Boozer came out !
not sure if anyone has seen this but this is what the REV6 clutch looks like .
i started playing with this last year and yes its getting there .but need adjusting
more to come

Plus.....if we want to be really, really, REALLY honest with ourselves, the really compelling thing about this little butane stove is that even a Beetle owner could carry it around in their hood storage.   Almost kinda like a VW bus which (and here's the honest part) we all know all Beetle owners really wish they could have....   
cost effective is staying home ;)

Well if we want to really be honest with ourselves then cost-effective for me would be to stop looking for vw's on Craigslist!   But that's just crazy talk!
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