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Events & Gatherings / 2018 GCVW Class Winners - Aircooled
« Last post by owdlvr on August 18, 2018, 08:17:11 PM »
Great Canadian VW Show
2018 Aircooled Class Winners

*Note: Please private message me for any typos/mis-spellings. Car numbers which don’t match class are vehicles which were reclassed by the DVKK.

Class 100 - Off Road
1st - 101 Andy McLatchy

Class 200 - Race
2nd - 201 Johnnie Balfour
1st - 202 Jim Martin

Class 300 - Ghia Stock
2nd - 302 Stan Fair
1st - 2307 Wally Burrows

Class 400 - Ghia Custom
1st - 401 Courtney Midemann

Class 500 - Thing Stock
2nd - 502 Tina Hansen
1st - 501 - Raymond Saul

Class 600 - Thing Custom (no entries)

Class 700 - Type-1 Sedan 39-57 Stock
2nd - 703   Noah Li
1st - 702 Mike Godding

Class 800 - Type 1 Sedan 58-67 Stock
2nd - 803 Shawn Hashimoto-Stone
1st - 802 Steve Dale Johnson

Class 900 - Type 1 Sedan 68-75 Stock
2nd - 903 Cory Strickler
1st - 902 Michael Koens

Class 1000 -  (no entries)

Class 1100 - Type 1 Convertible 68-79 Stock
1st - 1101 Nelson Yeo

Class 1200 - Type 1 Sedan 39-57 Custom
Honourable Mention - 1204 Jared Hurst
2nd - 1208 Paul Gagne
1st - 1207 Evin O’Reilly

Class 1300 - Type 1 Sedan 58-67 Custom
Honourable Mention - 1302 Wayne Dawson
2nd - 1309 Johnnie Balfour
1st - 1317 Nick LaCaombe

Class 1400 - Type 1 Sedan 68-75 Custom
Honourable Mention - 1404 Darren Oberton
2nd - 1410 Brock Reid
1st - 1406 Doug Raffan

Class 1500 - Type 1 Convertible 53-67 Custom
1st - 1501 Peter Prochaska

Class 1600 - Type 1 Convertible 68-79 Custom
1st - 1601 Johnnie Balfour

Class 1700 - (No entries) *I need to find my list and confirm

Class 1800 - Type 2 Stock 55-67
2nd - 1803 Melanie Westone
1st - 1802 Dana Craighead

Class 1900 - Type 2 stock 68-79
Honourable Mention - 1906 Mike Herter
2nd - 1910 Rod Faddon
1st - 1909 Stephen Petscyulat

Class 2000 - Type 2 Custom 50-54
1st - Ken King

Class 2100 - Type 2 Custom 55-67
2nd - 2102 Jade Taylor
1st - 2102 Brian Frazer

Class 2200 - Type 2 Custom 68-79
Honourable Mention - 2202 Rob Payne
2nd - 2208 Paul Cormic
1st - 2209 Chris Murray

Class 2300 - Type 3
2nd - 2301  Shelly Umpstead
1st - 2302 Benjamin DeGroot

Class 2400 - Coach Built
Honourable Mention - 2403 Dan Airta (Sterling)
2nd - Craig Cochrane (Dauphine)
1st - 1402 Sandra Paeseler (Super Bugger)

Class 2500 - Dune Buggy
2nd - 2501 Neil McKinnon
1st - 2502 Ace

Class  - 5400 Under Construction
1st - 5401 Steve Halloway

Member's VW's / Re: Hey I'm new.
« Last post by silas on August 17, 2018, 10:03:39 PM »
hi!! welcome to the asf!! your baja bug sounds rad, post up some pics!!

there are lots of folks in the okanagan here, and some other interior folks too! keep your eyes on the forum for members that live around you and also for the okanagan boys gtg that usually happens a few times a year!
Events & Gatherings / Re: BUG JAM 2018!
« Last post by silas on August 17, 2018, 09:51:58 PM »
hey mitch & rhuari...i looked but couldnt find the info...can you guys post the specifics about the show on sunday! how much to enter a car? how much for spectators? what time does registration start/end? what time does the show end?


life at home is keeping me very busy these days but i'm trying to see if i can make bug jam happen!

also...for those not on fb, here is more about the cruise info that was posted above...

OK, so I have another 63 bug coming in to part out, so these parts must go!

Make any offer and who knows, it may stick!

Text or call 604-783-9717
Events & Gatherings / Re: 2018 Great Canadian VW Show Weekend!! Aug 10/11/12
« Last post by FunkyDrummer on August 16, 2018, 02:01:18 PM »
Well said, boys. What a fantastic community we have!
Classifieds / FR: Garage space for rent over winter.
« Last post by buddy boy on August 16, 2018, 12:52:12 PM »
 It’s that time of year again to think about storage and I have a double garage with my beetle on one side and the other side is pretty much empty , for rent anytime from October ish to may ish , flat rate of $550

 It’s a complete closed in garage and a closed in yard with my daily driver parked outside of the garage nobody has access to it except for me  nobody will be anywhere near the car while it’s in storage and I am in there at least once a week to check on things and work on projects, vehicle needs to have storage insurance and a car cover, thanks !
Events & Gatherings / Re: 2018 Great Canadian VW Show Weekend!! Aug 10/11/12
« Last post by bwaz on August 16, 2018, 08:23:50 AM »
and Special Thanks to the fine folks of Zündfolge, Strictly German, Dub Allstars, LGK, Kevin @ Bulli Boys... Melissa who always works to get Westjet involved.... plus all the other people who help out to make the weekend what it is.   Too many to mention, but you know who you are, and we appreciate all you efforts. (thanks as well to kahiko kula for making the trek north!)
Events & Gatherings / Re: 2018 Great Canadian VW Show Weekend!! Aug 10/11/12
« Last post by silas on August 15, 2018, 10:07:54 PM »
BOOM!!  :band1:

another awesome gcvws is in the books! its difficult to put into words what this show weekend means to me (and so many), and it's close to impossible to convey the gratitude i have to those that make it possible...i have so much love and appreciation for all involved... :wub:

thank you geoff, brian, jaga, dave, scott, bruce, alan, darren, cameron, shawn, hanawa, gavin and the dvkk for working so hard for so many months to make this happen! thanks to everyone else under the main tent for the additional support and help! thanks to all the volunteers! thanks to all the clubs that come together and work so hard to make every event on every day a success! thanks to all the sponsors for stepping up and supporting the scene! thanks to all the vendors and shops for coming out and displaying your cool stuff for all to see! thanks to all the vw folks that bring their rides out! thanks all the vw folks that dont bring their rides out but come to support the events! thanks to everyone for coming out to all the events and making every minute of every day of the gcvws weekend so much fun!!

and, we're all very lucky to have alan document every event so we can relive and remember each moment as it happened...!


see y'all next year!!  :cool:
Events & Gatherings / Re: stock motor challenge (SMC) 2018 - august 10th
« Last post by silas on August 15, 2018, 09:46:56 PM »
the SMC 2018 was a blast!! another great night with the acvw stockers on the 1/4 mile, lots of smiles and good times!!

and the results are...

1st - frank - 1960 ghia
2nd - andrew - 1961 ghia
3rd - aaron - 1970 bay window westfalia

big thanks to everyone that came out to race, to all the enthusiastic supporters, all the members of the Zündfolge Car Club for pitching in and helping out and to AVR for the additional sponsorship!!

we'll see you all next year!!  :cool:
Classifieds / Transportation
« Last post by scubagord on August 14, 2018, 07:01:19 PM »
I have a guy coming out from Calgary to Kelowna this Friday, to pick up a car. He is coming from calgary with an empty trailer. He is looking to see if anyone needs transportation between there and here.

I can even store something here for a bit if it has to be picked up here to complete a journey to vancouver.

Text 250-215-4440
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